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HW E-Cigarette Review | Building an e cig info headquaters for former smokers.

The Black E-Cig: Why Every Smoker Needs One

Want to be covert and stealth when vaping? Then you want a black electronic cigarette that blends into the night like the one from Halo Cigs (review of Halo Cigs here) where you can be the dark knight without attracting attention – unless you want it!

Except for the glowing LED tip that is. Let’s face it, black is cool and elegant and most people who vape on e cigarettes have a few colors and black is one of them.

Most use a black ecig during the day because it looks out of place on purpose and you won’t have to worry about being harassed by people or security guards thinking you are smoking a real cigarette.

Think of how good you will look in your new kitchen with those black granite counter-tops in conjunction with you taking a hit off your new black e-cigarette.

It’s become part of fashion now, just like home design is a part of your taste – so is how you present yourself and that includes your vaping device of choice as it is an extension of who you are, just like a wristwatch or bracelet.


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This Is Why E Cigarettes Woke Me Up

wake upThe other day I went to visit a job and saw a few of the fellas vaping on those ecigs. Of course the curiosity got he best of me and wanted to know more so they directed me to this e cig reviews webpage to further my knowledge of which brands are best and why with real reviews.

Not looking for anything fancy like those big contraptions with the tanks, just want something that looks and tastes like a real smoke.

One of the guys was using one that looked like a real cig but was black and lit up red, thought that was rather neat. He said it was a “Cigavette”, at first I did not catch the v in that word and thought he meant cigarette. Took a few banters of conversation to get the point across and a language barrier on top of that.

When I strolled back home went ahead and did a search and found their version of the best e cig which is ironic, cause it was from the same place the other dude mentioned. To my surprise that brand had a few models of electronic cigarettes to choose from plus a Cuvana e cigar which I immediately thought I had to have.

Long story short, started carrying around my new e-cigs and just love them, the tobacco taste is clean and the nicotine hit is there, but still miss the heaviness of the smoke filling my lungs – guess I’ll just have to get used to it as it’s not that bad.

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